Alaska Trip Day 12

July 11




Hello All

Yesterdays supper was spaghetti in sauce Candy and I split the meal and had rhubarb pie  for desert.  The cottage that we stayed in had a nice lake view and satellite TV in the room.  The room had an mosquito problem after Candy had killed 100 or more we started to look to see where they were coming in at .  The drain line for the shower was running on the ground outside when Candy took a shower so I had her put a towel over the drain in side the room.  We closed up the bathroom door and sprayed around it and sprayed the outside door.  That seemed to take care on the problem.  We were on the road early this morning. at 5:30 AM and stopped for gas about two hours later.  The restaurant has just opened when we arrived.  We had eggs and hash brown potatoes for breakfast.  They were like the ones we would have made at home if we were there.  We stopped in Whitehorse and took a picture in front of the sign.  Then it was on to Haines Junction.  The roads were fine at that point.  Lunch was a sandwich fries and a salad that we split.

The rest of the trip was not so nice. After around 20 miles of nice road we came on a lake.  The water looked great but the road construction started.  The road was torn off with  loose gravel.  We had to wait for an escort to get by the construction many times.  It  got worse from their.  The were making a new road and rocks were falling down just before we went through.  The pavement returned but it had so many patches it was like a rollercoaster.  The last 60 miles were gravel at 35 miles per hour.

We got to Beaver Creek and we got  a motel for the night.




See slide show of today pictures

Telsin Point Canda Beaver Canda 386 miles