Alaska Trip Day 2

July 1




We started at 8:00 AM from the hotel in Iron Mountain and arrived at Super 8 outside Minneapolis at 5:00PM .  We road back roads for all but about 10 miles.  The GPS could not find a new road for Route35 but got us there with some persuasions.  Route 8 was a nice run about 200 miles of it and the balance of the ride was farm country.  The lady at the desk told us to leave at 6:00 AM if we want to miss traffic.  I don't believe that we will get started that early. Went out for supper Perkins Restaurant.  Temp was in the 50's when we started and 81 when we arrived.  I had a head light bulb burn out on the way.  Stopped and pickup a new pair of low beam bulbs and installed them in the parking lot.  Just came out of the hot tub and pool. Looks like we will be starting out at 7:00 AM.  The day trip was 318 miles today  .

We didn't take picture today not sure what will happen tomorrow.


Day 2 is looking at 305 miles.

Iron Mountain to East Minneapolis

Super 8 Motel - Hudson 808 Dominion Drive I-94 Exit 2 W on Crestview Dr Hudson, WI 54016-9303 US 

Phone: 715-386-8800 Fax: 715-386-3805

Reserved 1-8-07

$67.95 + tax


24 hours notice