Alaska Trip Day 25

July 24




Hello All

When we woke up it was to rain on the metal roof of the house that we were staying at.  A shower in the morning and breakfast out of the way was the notice that it was time for me to pack up the trailer.  I brought in all the rain gear and the helmets.  Candy and I put the gear on and headed out to Homer.  The ride was wet and about 185 miles.  We arrived around 2:00 with not problems.  It is a long drive from the center of town to the Spit.  It looks like driving out to Cedar Point to get to the end of the Spit.  The place was packed with cars and campers.  We circled twice and found a parking spot close to where we need to be.  The reservations were ok and we got the room above the fishing charter.  It is a small room and very compact.  Candy said the it is ok.  The fishing boats were starting to come back around 3:00 and we got our first look at halibut.  They are a interesting fish.  We have a small deck at our room door and they clean the fish below us.  Most of the fish coming it were around 20 lbs we did see one around 75 lbs.  We walked up the board walk and checked out the stores and also the Salty Dawg.  It smelled bad and Candy said the she will need to put on a dirty shirt before she goes in.  They told us the we will need to bring food and drink along tomorrow, so we got a pizza to go and will be having cold pizza tomorrow.  I have a few pictures of the area as it stopped raining when we arrived.


See slide show of today pictures


Heading to Homer 168 miles

Stay in Homer North Country Charters office on the Cannery Row Boardwalk over looking the Beach and Kachemak Bay


Received in mail confirmation for room and fishing trip on 2-2-07

Two nights in the building below and all day fishing trip on the second day.

North Country Charters

Made reservation on 1-15-07

Guest Room On The Beach
Located above our North Country Charters office on the Cannery Row Boardwalk over looking the Beach and Kachemak Bay.

Our Guest Room offers cozy accommodations for 2-3 people with a full size futon and single bed, 1/2 bath and complete kitchenette. It is located in the center of all Spit activities, restaurants and has a great view. Non-Smoking

$85/night for 2 - $15 for additional person - max. 3.