Alaska Trip Day 26

July 25




Hello All

We made the trip to the Salty Dawg last night.  We each had a couple of Homer Beers.  They were a light beer and tasted great.  We sat by four other fisherman who were out on the town to have a fun night.  They each light up a cigar each and we all got to enjoy a great smoke.  Candy forgot to change here shirt before going in and woke up this morning with the smoke smell on it. We need to be down stairs to get fishing license at 6:00AM  so I woke Candy up at 5:00 AM to get ready.  The hot water heater is right next to the shower and toilet so the water is hot in a second when you start the shower.  We had a light breakfast of some pastry that SOO gave us when we left yesterday, that and a pot of coffee made up breakfast. We were not sure if the trip would go as the winds were high.  The boat left the dock at 6:30 and it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to the fishing spot.  The waves were large and the Captain went back in a little farther.  When he drop anchor every one scrambled to be the first one to have a pole in the water.  Candy and I waited until the last people were started.  With every one on one side of the boat (sixteen of us) it was only a matter of minutes before the lines stated to get tangled.

The fish would bite almost as soon as the bait hit the bottom.  It a short time every one had caught a fish.  I let the first two go and keep the third one, Candy done the same.  The limit was two fish and I had mine by 10:45 AM.  Candy fished on.  The boat rocked so bad the 1/3 of the people got sea sick.  Candy joined the ranks along with one of the crew members.  We fish for salmon after we got our quote of Halibut which is two. We arrive back at the dock at 4:00 and they cleaned the fish for us.  From there it was across the street to have the fish frozen and shipped back home.  Candy and I had 27 lbs of fish to ship.  At the rate the cost will be around $35 / lbs.  I sure hope that they are good.  We had King Crab again tonight.  Candy and I split a three lbs meal.  This is the largest crab that I have ever had.  The meat from the leg was one inch in diameter.  It was sure filling.  Candy went out to get a rock while I am updating the web page.  We will be leaving early in the morning starting on our way back home.  Should be a 400 mile day, we have a room reserved.


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Stay in Homer North Country Charters office on the Cannery Row Boardwalk over looking the Beach and Kachemak Bay

Heading out Lower Cook Inlet as far south sometimes as the Barren Islands, 55 miles from Homer fishing for Halibut

North Country Charters

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Halibut: The Pacific halibut is the world's largest bottom fish.  Alaska provides some tremendous opportunities to catch this giant. Homer, Alaska is known as a halibut center, and Cook Inlet has been one of the most productive fishing grounds for “Butts”. Fisherman can catch this delicious fish in Southeast, South-central, and  Southwestern Alaska as well. The state and world record is 469 pounds, and was caught out on the Aleutian Chain in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. Halibut are white on the bottom and a mottled-green on top; this coloration is a perfect camouflage. The eyes of the adult are on the same side of the body. (The eyes "migrate" to one side when halibut are small.) These fish are gluttonous and swallow whole salmon. Small to medium-sized halibut can be caught on flies imitating flesh and injured bait fish. Ten weight rods (or more, no fly rods here please) and rope-like leaders are needed to lift this flatfish off the bottom. And after cranking in over 200 feet of line with a 3-5lb lead weight AND a healthy Halibut (40-400lbs), in most cases a good night’s sleep is assured after a day of “Barn Doors” busting. A good charter captain will fish the tides for Halibut so your departure times vary by the day, and the bag limit is 2 per day

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Guest Room On The Beach
Located above our North Country Charters office on the Cannery Row Boardwalk over looking the Beach and Kachemak Bay.

Our Guest Room offers cozy accommodations for 2-3 people with a full size futon and single bed, 1/2 bath and complete kitchenette. It is located in the center of all Spit activities, restaurants and has a great view. Non-Smoking

$85/night for 2 - $15 for additional person - max. 3.




North Country Charters offers daily halibut charters to various points in Lower Cook Inlet as far south sometimes as the Barren Islands, 55 miles from Homer. We have four boats running daily trips. Three vessels carry a maximum of six-passengers…a 28ft. Glasply, the 35ft "Coastal Predator" and a 30ft. Chris Craft. Our largest boat the 53ft, IRISH, can carry a mixed party of up to 16 persons or a private party of up to 22 at one time. Our Coast Guard equipped and inspected vessels are operated by licensed captains with years of experience. All of our boats have fast twin engines that get you to the fishing grounds on time.

                         53ft, IRISH FISHING BOAT

Please see our Boats Page to get acquainted with our boats and skippers and our Maps Page to find the office and see where we fish. Also see our Lodgings page for our recommendations on where to stay in Homer. To find out about vacuum sealing, freezing and shipping your catch home see Coal Point Seafood.

On our full-day charters we fish until everyone has a chance of his or her limit of halibut, quite often a 8-10 hour day. The daily limit is two halibut per person; it’s a rare day that you do not get your limit. We provide all the fishing gear, bait and FREE fish filleting. You do need to bring your own food and drinks for the day or we can order box lunches upon request. It’s a good idea to bring warm clothes and rain gear just in case, as the weather on the water is very changeable. Also you should bring your camera or video as the scenery is beautiful and the sea life is plentiful.

2006 RATES


Shoulder Season



mid April - June 9

June 10 - Aug 20

Aug 21 thru Sep

Irish 53' $170
Boat rate $2100
Boat rate $2450
July $2750
Boat rate $2100
6-pacs $185 $215 $185
Combo Trips for Halibut/Salmon or Halibut/Rock Fish are $40/person more than season rate
Long Range Overnight Charters $400/person per day + tax
Min/Max 4 passengers if mixed group.   5 or 6 if all one party.

Ask about our GROUPS RATES (10% OFF groups of 6 or more on the IRISH) except during July
All sales are subject to 6.5% sales tax

Our prices vary during the different times of the season and different boats. Make your plans keeping that in mind. A 10% discount is available on the large boat with groups of 6 or more except during July. A 50% deposit is required on all confirmed reservation. Reservations should be made as early as possible, especially for weekends and holidays. We have a seven-day cancellation policy for a full refund.

In addition to our full day halibut charters, North Country Charters offers full-day salt water salmon charters. This vessel is equipped with the best salmon trolling gear available. We will target king salmon as well as silvers and reds. Kings can be caught virtually year-round; the reds, midsummer; and the silvers mid to late summer. Most of the trolling is within a ten-mile radius of the Homer Harbor.

We have owned and operated North Country Charters since 1979. If we can be of any assistance in making your stay in Homer a little easier, just let us know.

Anyone 16 years of age or older must have a valid license to fish in Alaska. The cost of a license for nonresidents: A one-year license for nonresidents costs $145
A one-year license for residents $24, King stamp $10.
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