Alaska Trip Day 27

July 26




Hello All

We got up at 5:30 and got ready to leave for Glenallen.  Candy and I finished off the left over pizza for breakfast. A tank of fuel in town and were on the way back home.  We traveled 400 miles today and arrived at 4:30PM  The room is nice and we will plan to get a early start in the morning.  Candy took some pictures of the mud flats that lead to the ocean this morning.  We stopped in Anchorage for lunch and picked up some more water and snacks for the road.  Tomorrow should see us at Beaver Creek if all goes well.  The GPS started to acted up like it did last time.  I have to send it back to be repaired last time look like it will need to go back again.  We have the spare one and I will program it up in case this one stops to work all together.


See slide show of today pictures

Leaving to go back home 401 miles

Contact Information
        voice    907-822-3302
        fax        907-822-3711
        Postal address   PO Box 329 Glennallen AK 99588
        email    General Information:
                      Concierge Service:


Reserved   $143/ night conformation #70502 (7-21-07)

Downtown Glennallen, Alaska
Glennallen, Alaska

Population: 554

Location: Along the Glenn Highway at its junction with the Richardson Highway, 189 road miles east of Anchorage. Glennallen is just outside the western boundary of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

Description: Glennallen is the business hub of the Copper River region. Local businesses serve area communities and Glenn Highway traffic, providing gasoline, supplies and services, four schools (attended by 489 students) and medical care. Offices of the federal Bureau of Land Management, the state Department of Transportation, Alaska State Troopers and the state Department of Fish and Game are here.

A visitors information center, several RV parks and the Wrangell St. Elias Visitor Center and National Park Headquarters serve travelers. Unemployment is low. Five residents hold commercial fishing permits. There are several small farms in the area.

The area has historically been occupied by the Ahtna, although Glennallen is currently a non-Native community, with only one of every eight residents an Alaska Native.

During the April 2000 U.S. census, there were 269 total housing units, 65 of them vacant, with 35 of these used seasonally. More than 90 percent of homes are fully plumbed. Most residents have private wells in the Glennallen area, but the water is often of very poor quality. The majority of downtown is connected to a piped sewage system that serves 52 homes and businesses and is being expanded to the Alaska Bible College and the Glennallen Heights subdivision. Most homes have individual septic tank systems, but permafrost and high water tables cause drainage failures. Glennallen has no taxing authority.

History: Glennallen's name was derived from Maj. Edwin Glenn and Lt. Henry Allen, both leaders in the early explorations of the Copper River region. It is one of the few communities in the region that was not built on the site of a Native village.

downtown Glennallen, Alaska Mount Drum seen from Glennallen