Alaska Trip Day 33

August 1




Hello All

We left the motel at 7:00AM the skies were clear and the temp was in the low 50.  It was nice to drive starting out in the sun again.  We traveled 350 miles but went to Jasper instead of Edmonton.  The air temp warmed up to 77 in Jasper.  We checked at a different motel then one we stayed at before they wanted $250 a night so we went back to the one we stayed at when we came up.  Not too much to tell about today seen a few deer along the road and had a nice trip.  We are planning on going to Calgary tomorrow and then back into the States.  Candy shot some pictures of the hotel I have them posted.  Candy helmet head set started to act up today.  I can hear a lot of static but not her voice.  Will have to live with it until the rally to have is checked.


See slide show of today pictures

From   Dawson Creek to Edmonton 366 miles