Alaska Trip Day 34

August 2




We had at breakfast at the hotel today it was a typical meal of eggs toast and hash browns potatoes.  The trip was planned to go to Cardston today but because we started from Jasper we only made it to High River it is about 60 miles from Cardston.  The weather was clear this morning about 50 Degf.  I checked the air in the motorcycle tires today and add 2 psi to each tire.  As soon as we entered Jasper Park we saw moose at the entrance.  The temp started to drop in the mountain area and it got down to 38 Degf.  It stayed cold until around 11:00 AM.  We saw Big Horn Sheep today along with a black bear, mountain goat and elk.  We stopped a Lake Louise but it was so busy that we made the parking lot loop and went back to the village area and had lunch.  When we got to Calgary there was a large traffic jam and it took us a hour and one half to get through town.  The temp was in the high 80 in town.  We finished up the day at High River at the Heritage Inn Motel.  It is a nice room and we are on the back side.  I see that the right fork has leaked more oil today and some of it got on the bottom of the cowling.  Prime Rib for supper was great if all goes well I should be out of Canada money about the same time as we leave Canada.  I will not be able to post the pictures today, I have a connection but it will not talk.  We will be back in the USA tomorrow if all goes well


See slide show of today pictures

From  Edmonton to Cardston 327 miles