Alaska Trip Day 35

August 3




We slept in latter then normal and didn't get out of the motel until after 8:00.  We had breakfast at the motel and them stopped by the local car wash and washed off the bike.  I wanted to see how much oil is leaking from the shock.  At the end of the day not much showed up.  We had a nice drive this morning the sky was clear and the temp started in the low 60.  About 1 hour out and it had warmed up to 75 Degf, by the end of the day it was in the mid 80's.  The trip through Glacier was nice today still busy as it was before.  We stopped a Logan Pass and looked around.  The last time we were their it was so busy that we just went by.  They were working on the roads and we had a 25 min wait to get through.  We ended up in Browning at a local motel.  The wind is blowing hard here and we went by a fire camp at Lewis and Clark National Forest.  The smoke from the fire is a long ways out.  At the motel the person told us his brother is working the fire and still doesn't know if his home will make it.  I call a place in Iowa to see if they could upgrade the shocks on the bike if I changed our travel plans but he told me that he would not be in town at that time. I guess I will let them leak until I get back home.


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From  Cardston South Browning 154 miles