Alaska Trip Day 37

August 5




Hello we went 317 miles today and ended up at the intersection of 94 and 85.  The trip was nice we left around 7:00 and stopped for breakfast at one of the small towns along the way.  The had a plate of food call square meal.  It consisted of two eggs hash brown potatoes  with ham and cheese on top of the potatoes and came with toast.  We didn't stop for lunch as we ate breakfast late.  The roads were good today and we follow 2 for about 180 miles and turned South on 85 for the rest of the way.  We ended up a  nice motel Trapper Inn and will stay here and leave for Rapid City in the morning.  We didn't take any picture today but Candy may take some of the hotel later.  I change the web page for yesterday this morning and add stuff from Malta's Field Station.



Leaving Malta to travel part way to Rapid City will be going around 300 miles