Alaska Trip Day 40

August 8




Hello all

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel, the food is part of the room again.  They charged me for a movie that I accidently pushed the wrong button on the control, so I talked to the lady again and they took it off of my bill.  The trip today was a nice start, the temp was in the 70.  The wind was blowing hard today and when we went by a truck you better hold on.  On the way out of town put us by Wall Drug ,of course we had to stop  by and get a picture.  A slight detour through the Bad Land park made the day different.  We change time zones today but had a long ride.  we arrives at Sioux City at 5:45PM.  When we got off at the exit we had a problem finding the motel.  We stopped for gas and asked direction.  It was hidden behind the Quality Inn, if fact you had to check in at the Quality Inn desk.  The room in nice it is in the Quality Inn building, it seems that they use the Hamilton Inn as a back up if they need it.  We have around 400 miles tomorrow and the same the next day which should put us back home.  I don't need to worry about the shock oil leaking any more as it has all leaked out and I don't believe that I have a shock any more only the springs now,  Other then that all is well.


See slide show of today pictures

Leave Rapid City for  Sioux City 425miles