Alaska Trip Day 41

August 9




Hello all

The morning started out with a lot of fog and the temp was in the low 70.  We left the motel around 7:15 and stopped and picked up water and a bag of  ice.  The sky was overcast and almost looked like rain until around 10:30 the sun pop through the clouds and the sky cleared.  The high temp was around 85 today.  We drove around 370 miles today and arrived at 3:00 PM.  The Days Inn is in a nice location and the room is nicer then the one we had last night.  We have around 400 miles to get back home is all goes well we will be home around 4:30 because of the time change.  We didn't stop for lunch today and will be going out for supper soon.


Leave  Sioux City for Davenport 363 miles