Alaska Trip Day 7

July 6




We got a early start this morning because the weather was going to be hot again today.  The Hotel has pastry and cold cereal , coffee and juice topped off breakfast.  We headed West but missed the turn 10 miles out, this made go 20 extra miles today .  The weather started out in the high 60 but climbed to 95 Degf.  We stopped at A&W for lunch and gas.  I decided to fill up the two one gallon plastic gas cans.  This turned out to be a big mistake.  The plastic containers didn't seal well and the trailer smelled with gas fumes.   I tried to tighten up the caps, it help but still got odors from the cans.  Latter that day I put the fuel in the bike and gave away the cans.  So much for taking extra fuel.  I looked at the tires  and I noticed that the left trailer tire wear is not uniform.  I didn't see any problem with the tire and will keep an eye on it.  The ride through Glacier Park was nice but the park was very busy.  It was hot at the top of mountain too.  The bike temperature climbed as we went though the mountain, but didn't go into the red zone.  The trip across the boarder was not a problem, we stop and took a picture of the sign when we pass it.  The GPS didn't find the hotel, lucky that the town was small and we just drove through it.  The hotel was on the main street.  At trip to a Chinese restaurant for supper and we are in the room for the night.


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We plan at ride though Glacier Park on our way to Fort Macleod, Alberta today!

Weeping Wall Glacier Park

Missoula Montana to Fort Macleod 257 miles

Century II Motel
For The Best Sleep Away From Home
462 Main Street East, BOX 207, Fort Macleod, Alberta TOLOZO
Tel: 403.553.3331 Fax: 403.553.2221

Reserved 1-8-07

$55 Canada

Veronicakin (owner)


The Staff and Management welcome all Tourists and Visitors to stay at our small, family owned motel, "Where people have the best sleep away from home". We offer clean, comfortable rooms with Air conditioning, Coffee on request. We also offer quiet sitting area outside, BBQ rentals, and best of all, we are only smiles away from the Fort Museum. Our rates start at $42.00 to $70.00 per night in the Summer plus 11% Taxes (7% GST, 4% Tourism Levy) Discount given to Tour groups and Law Enforcement


Map of Glacier Park

The Town of Fort Macleod

Welcome to Fort Macleod - the town that is building its future by preserving its past. 

town of fort macleod alberta canadaFort Macleod is a vibrant community of 3,000, located within breathtaking sight of the Canadian Rockies. This town is a magnet for those who are seeking a relaxed rural life style, proximity to the Rocky Mountains, a strong sense of community, access to high speed internet and a short drive to Western Canada's corporate capital, Calgary. And of course, it's only an hour drive to the scenic wonders of the Rocky Mountains!

The town boasts the best weather of the Prairie Provinces, including the highest number of sunlight hours in Canada. The Chinook conditions provide mild winters and cooling breezes in the summer. Whether you are coming for a visit, reading about our history, contacting a town official, reviewing a town by-law, considering the advantages of locating your business in this family-friendly community or just surfing on in, you are welcome. is the official website of the Town of Fort Macleod and has been designed to inform you about our community. We want to hear from what you the viewer expects to see on the site. Your feedback is valuable to us.