Americade 2010 Trip Day 4

June 8




We will spend the day at Americade



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Monday, June 7
10a-4pm Free Tire Check by Dunlop Holiday Inn
11a-7pm Sign-in (PRE-Reg only) Holiday Inn
11a-5pm Scavenger Hunt LG Region
11a-5pm Activities Room Open (info) RBR Lodge
4-5pm Newcomers' Meeting: J&M RBR Confr. Ctr.
5-5:30pm Lee Parks: Total Control Demo RBR Parking Lot
5:30-6pm NY State Police Demo RBR Parking Lot
7-8:30pm Opening Celebration: RIDER Mag RBR Confr.& Lodge
Tuesday, June 8
7:30am Worship Services: CMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
8am Guided MiniTour departures begin Beach Road Lot
per resv. Hot Air Balloon Rides LG Region
8a-5pm Activities Room (info) RBR Lodge
8a-6pm Sign-in Holiday Inn
9a-4pm Free Tire Check by Dunlop Holiday Inn
9a-6pm Free Battery Check by Yuasa LG Forum
9a-4pm Motorcycle Demos RBR
9a-6pm TourExpo Tradeshow Forum/Mil $ Beach
9a-4pm Daily Seminars RBR Confr. Ctr.
per resv. Saddle Up TBA
10am Fuel Economy Run: Spectro TBA
10a-4pm Seat Comfort: Paul Kuhn RBR
10a-5pm Scavenger Hunt LG Region
1pm Judging: Looney License Plate RBR Confr. Ctr.
2pm Judging: Stuffed Animal RBR Confr. Ctr.
3pm Judging: Trailer Rigs RBR Confr. Ctr.
3:30pm Judging: Sidecars RBR Confr. Ctr
3:45pm Judging: Spyders, Trikes RBR Confr. Ctr.
4-5pm Newcomers' Meeting: J&M RBR Confr. Ctr.
5-5:30pm Lee Parks: Total Control Demo RBR Parking Lot
5:30-6pm NY State Police Demo RBR Parking Lot
6-9pm Bowling Thunder: Cardo Systems TBA
6-8pm Boat Cruise: Kawasaki Dock TBA
7-9pm Boat Cruise: King of Rock Dock TBA
7-7:50pm Lee Parks: Featured Speaker RBR Confr. Ctr.
8-8:50pm Mark Tuttle: Featured Speaker RBR Confr. Ctr.
8-10pm Boat Cruise: Starlight Cruise Dock TBA
9pm - ? Live music & dancing RBR Lodge
Wednesday, June 9
7am Fred's Coffee Club: CIMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
7:30am Worship Services: CMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
8am Guided MiniTour departures begin Beach Road Lot
per resv. Hot Air Balloon Rides LG Region
8a-7pm Activities Room (info) RBR Lodge
8a-6pm Sign-in Holiday Inn
9a-4pm Free Tire Check by Dunlop Holiday Inn
9a-6pm Free Battery Check by Yuasa LG Forum
9a-4pm Daily Seminars RBR Confr. Ctr.
9a-4pm Motorcycle Deoms RBR
9a-6pm TourExpo Tradeshow Forum/Mil $ Beach
9:30am Whitewater Rafting (1/2 day) TBA
per resv. Saddle Up TBA
10a-4pm Seat Comfort: Paul Kuhn RBR
10a-5pm Scavenger Hunt LG Region
10am Judging: 0-950cc class RBR Confr. Ctr.
11am Judging: 951+ Open RBR Confr. Ctr.
1pm Judging: BMW RBR Confr. Ctr.
2pm Judging: Sport Touring (all brands) RBR Confr. Ctr.
3pm Judging: Kawasaki RBR Confr. Ctr.
4pm Judging: Suzuki RBR Confr. Ctr.
5-7pm Red Knights Dinner RBR Lodge
5:30pm Rodeo & BBQ: Cycle Solutions Painted Pony Ranch
6-6:50pm Pete Woodruff: Featured Speaker RBR Confr. Ctr.
6-8pm Boat Cruise: Tour Master Dock TBA
7-7:50pm Fred Rau: Featured Speaker RBR Confr. Ctr.
7-9pm Boat Cruise: Mardi Gras Dock TBA
8-9pm Fashion Show: Manufacturers' RBR Confr. Ctr.
9pm - ? Live music & dancing RBR Lodge
9:15pm Balloon Glow (rain date thurs night) RBR
9:30pm Judging: Functional Lighting:PIAA RBR Confr. Ctr.
Thursday, June 10
7am Fred's Coffee Club: CIMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
7:30am Worship Services: CMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
8am Guided MiniTour depatures begin Beach Road Lot
per resv. Hot Air Balloon Rides LG Region
8a-6pm Sign-in Holiday Inn
8a-7pm Activities Room (info) RBR Lodge
9a-4pm Free Tire Check by Dunlop Holiday Inn
9a-4pm Motorcycle Demos RBR
9a-6pm Free Battery Check by Yuasa LG Forum
9a-6pm TourExpo Tradeshow Forum/Mil $ Beach
9a-4pm Daily Seminars RBR Confr. Ctr.
per resv. Saddle Up TBA
9-11am Judging: H-D FL, FX & XL RBR Confr. Ctr.
9:30-11:30a Charity Poker Run departs Blue Moose Rest.
10a-2pm Seat Comfort: Paul Kuhn RBR
10a-5pm Scavenger Hunt LG Region
11:30am Judging: H-D V-Rod, Buell RBR Confr. Ctr.
1pm Judging: Victory RBR Confr. Ctr.
1:30pm Judging: Triumph RBR Confr. Ctr.
2pm Judging: Yamaha RBR Confr. Ctr.
2:30pm Judging: Classic (1975-1987) RBR Confr. Ctr.
3:30pm Judging: Vintage (1903-1974) RBR Confr. Ctr.
3:30pm Field Events: Big Skinny Wallets RBR Parking Lot
6-6:50pm Rob Dingman: Featured Speaker RBR Confr. Ctr.
6-8pm Boat Cruise: Honda Dock TBA
6-8pm Boat Cruise: Yamaha Dock TBA
7-7:50pm Fashion Show: Vendors RBR Confr. Ctr.
7-9pm Boat Cruise: Luau Dock TBA
8pm Comedy Club: Yuasa RBR Lounge
9:30pm Light Parade: PIAA RBR
10pm Judging: Decorative Lighting RBR Top Lot
Friday, June 11
7am Fred's Coffee Club: CIMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
7:30am Worship Services: CMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
8a-5pm Sign in Holiday Inn
8am Guided MiniTour departures begin Beach Road Lot
per resv. Hot Air Baloon Rides LG Region
8a-5pm Activities Room (info) RBR Lodge
9a-4pm Motorcycle Demos RBR
9a-6pm Free Battery Check by Yuasa LG Forum
9a-6pm TourExpo Tradeshow Forum/Mil $ Beach
9a-4pm Daily Seminars RBR Confr. Ctr.
9am Judging: Honda Shadow & VTX RBR Confr. Ctr.
9am Whitewater Rafting (full day) TBA
9:30am Whitewater Rafting (1/2 day) TBA
9:30-11:30a Charity Poker Run Departs Blue Moose Rest.
10a-3pm Scavenger Hunt LG Region
10am Judging: Valkyrie & Rune RBR Confr. Ctr.
11am Judging: Honda Gold Wing RBR Confr. Ctr.
12n-2pm Boat Cruise: Cruiser Cruise Dock TBA
1pm Judging: Exhibition Class RBR Confr. Ctr.
2pm Judging: Most Creative RBR Confr. Ctr.
2:30pm BEST OF SHOW RBR Confr. Ctr.
5-7pm Boat Cruise: Country Hoedown Dock TBA
6:15-8pm Dinner Spectacular: Tour Master Great Escape
8:00pm Gates Open: Fireworks, etc. Great Escape
8:30pm Awards Ceremonies Great Escape
9pm Drawings for Grand $$ Prizes Great Escape
9:30pm Fri. Night Fireworks: Tour Master Great Escape
Saturday, June 12
6:30-9am Geico Get Up & Go Breakfast LG High School
7:30am Worship Services: CMA RBR Confr. Ctr.
8a-2pm Activities Room (info) RBR Lodge
9am Assemble for Parade Westbrook Road
9a-3pm Motorcycle Demos RBR
9a-5pm Free Battery Check by Yuasa LG Forum
9a-5pm TourExpo Tradeshow Forum/Mil. $ Beach
9:20am Judging: People Westbrook Road
10am Parade departs: Dunlop Westbrook Road
10:30am Parade atop Prospect Mtn. Prospect Mtn.
11am Mountaintop BBQ Prospect Mtn.
11:45am Central FL Precision M/C Team Prospect Mtn.
12:15pm Door prize Drawings Prospect Mtn.
2-4pm Boat Cruise: Harley-Davidson Dock TBA
7pm LG Rotary Drawing GL1800 RBR Confr. Ctr.
Sunday, June 13
8am Worship Services: CMA LG Park Bandstand

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Show product details for Hot Air Balloon Rides (Mon - Fri)

Hot Air Balloon Rides (Mon - Fri)

Pre Registration Price (before May 1): $240.00

Regular Price (After May 1): $265.00

Imagine yourself in the wicker basket of a hot air balloon, gently lifting off in the Adirondacks giving you a view of the countryside and memories for the rest of your life. The whole experience lasts roughly 3 hours, with the flight lasting approximately 1 hour depending on the conditions.
You'll join your pilot and ground crew an hour before flight time. Then, you'll join the crew in deploying the balloon, while learning the basics of balloon flight. It's hands on, but only as much as you want it to be (it's a lot of fun!).
The pilot will inflate the balloon, and when ready, you'll step aboard. In moments, the balloon will lift off, and gently sail through the sky.
Any balloon flight is amazing. Launching at Americade is a rare treat.
As you float above the mountains and lakes, you'll notice how quiet and peaceful the flight is. You're flying with the wind, so there's little motion felt aboard, but you'll see the landscape slowly passing beneath you.
As you fly, the chase crew will communicate with your pilot, and follow you to your landing point.
Balloon landings are generally soft, but they can vary. Some landings are like jumping from the bottom step of your stairs to the floor, and some are like jumping from 2-3 stairs up to the floor. Sometimes the balloon basket will touch down several times when coming to a stop.
The landings are generally soft, but do require holding on. The pilot will let you know in advance of the landing.
Once on the ground, the balloon will be quickly packed into the waiting chase crew vehicle, and the long tradition will be celebrated of the pilot giving the land owner a bottle of champagne for allowing him to land on his property. You'll ride back to the launch area, full of memories of the flight, taking them with you forever.
Morning launches will be around 5am and evening launches will be around 5:30pm. Event does not launch in the rain or high winds.

Welcome to Super 8 Lake George/Warrensburg Area
Super 8 Lake George/Warrensburg Area
3619 State Route 9
I-87 Exit 23
Lake George, NY 12845 US
Phone: 518-623-2811
Guest Information
Room Information
Name: Dale Dressler
Address: 226 N Fifth St
Brighton, MI 48116
Home Phone: 810-227-3271
Confirmation #: 51870440
Wyndham Rewards Member #: 115042808I
Number of Rooms: 1
Super 8 Senior Aarp Discount
Rate Description: Super 8 Senior Aarp Discount Qualified Rate For Senior Or Aarp Members Thank You For Choosing Super 8
Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, you must do so by 4:00 PM local hotel time on June 7, 2010 or your credit card will be charged for one night's stay.
1 Double Bed Room Super 8 Senior Aarp Discount Rate
Nonsmoking Handicap 1 Double Bed, Wheelchair Access for the Physically Challenged.
Occupancy: 3 people max
Per Room/Night
1 Double Bed Room Non-smoking
Mon. 06/07/10 USD 112.50
Tue. 06/08/10 USD 112.50
2 nights (1 Room): USD 225.00
Taxes: USD 24.75
USD 249.75
Mon. June 7 check-in time After 03:00 PM
Wed. June 9 check-out time Before 11:00 AM
Rooms and Guests (per room):
1 Room with 2 Adults, 0 Children (13-17), 0 Children (0-12)

Americade 2010

Americade 2010 will be held June 7 thru June 12, 2010 in Lake George, NY.

Americade World's Largest Multi-brand Rally Lake George, NY, June 7-12, 2010.

For More information check out Americade 2010 - Lake George, NY.




Americade is a week-long, multibrand, motorcycle rally, for touring motorcycles and touring cruiser motorcycles. It takes place in Lake George village, New York during the first full week of June, attracts over 50,000 people annually, and is billed as the "World's Largest Motorcycle Touring Rally."

Attendees participate in demo rides from all of the major manufacturers, boat cruises, motorcycle judging, and group rides called "MiniTours" to various destinations in New York and Vermont.

Americade also offers a large motorcycle trade show, Tour Expo, located in two locations in Lake George: Million Dollar Beach and The Forum.


May 1983 was the first "cade" in the east coast. Veteran motorcyclist Bill Dutcher, and a small staff, hosted "Aspencade East " in Lake George, NY. The event's headquarters were at Roaring Brook Ranch, where most of the demo rides departed.

The Tour Expo tradeshow was held at the Glens Falls Civic Center, approximately 10 miles to the south. This first event drew over 2,000.

   Original name

Since 1971, there had been an Aspencade touring motorcycle rally in Ruidoso, New Mexico. The name came from an annual civic festival, which celebrated the changing colors of the aspen (birch) trees. Dutcher arranged with Aspencade organizer Til Thompson to use the Aspencade name for the eastern touring rally.

In 1986, "Aspencade East" became "Americade," because the new name better signified the multibrand national-sized rally it had become. By 1986, total attendance at this event was nearly 10,000, making it the largest touring rally in the motorcycle world. The name Americade was suggested by the organizer's wife, Gini Dutcher.


By 1986, the Tour Expo tradeshow had been relocated to Lake George village, to keep it closer to the motels and riding activities. Initially located halfway down Beach Road in a large gravel parking lot, in 1994 Tour Expo was relocated to the larger, dust-free quarters, which it now occupies at Million Dollar Beach Parking Lot. This facility is owned by the State of New York, from which Americade and Tour Expo rent this property.

In 2004 Tour Expo expanded the tradeshow to include The Forum, Lake George's newly built convention center. Good thing, because Americade Tour Expo tradeshow needed more space and this second location provided it. Over 60,000 attended that year (although local estimates placed the crowd figure much larger), once again making Americade the world's largest organized multibrand motorcycle convention.

For many years, Americade has been named one of the American Motorcyclist Association's three national rallies (along with the Lone Star Rally in Texas and the Golden Aspen Rally in New Mexico), denoting its size and prestige within U.S. motorcycle rallies.

2007 figures again showed that Americade Week was the biggest week of business for the Lake George Region resort community, and the biggest single boost to the local economy. Local merchants welcome these smiling motorcyclists not only for the economic boost they provide, but also because of the many lasting friendships which have been developed with Americade from around the world. Americade also works hard to be a Good Neighbor.


There are plenty of choices of where to go with your motorcycle, what to do with your motorcycling friends, or where to take your cycle on a vacation with your family members.  Some like to hit the open road and travel across the country, seeking new adventures.  Some like to day-trip, returning to the comfort of their own home each night.  And some like to take in the camaraderie of meeting up with somewhere around 50,000 other people who are like-minded.  For those who can relate to the latter, Americade is their rally of choice.  Many folks combine cross-country travel from outside the Northeast making Lake George, NY their travel destination at the midpoint of their journey.

The "younger" crowd who likes to party all night, be wild and rowdy, make a lot of noise and show off their "daring stunts" on the roadways... they tend to head for gatherings in Daytona Beach, Florida -- Laconia, New Hampshire -- and Sturgis, South Dakota where such antics are tolerated.  If tattoos and booze, all-night parties, massive body-piercing and flashed nudity are your preference, then one of those venues is right for you.  But NOT Americade.  Americade tend to shun those who engage in such behavior and discourage them from coming to Lake George with their "attitude."

If you prefer mature adult behavior to youthful exuberance, prefer courteous, patient people over those who are rude and impolite, prefer friendliness over aggression and intimidation, and prefer an ice cream sundae to a pitcher of beer, then Americade is the rally for YOU.

Does that mean Americade is just for OLD PEOPLE?  No, not at all!  It is for those who like their enjoyment to be a little more sedate and family-friendly.  People bring their young children to this rally.  They bring their mothers, fathers and grandparents even.  There is a large contingent of Christian Motorcycle Association members (and other religious groups) who return to Americade each year.  The Blue Knights (Police) and Red Knights (Firemen) are represented in large numbers each year as well.  But the common thread running through the fabric of Americade is the level of responsible, respectable, mature behavior by the attendees.

There are many elements that make Americade the choice of the mature motorcyclist:

There is a "Spirit of Americade" which one picks up on very early during the first visit to Lake George during Americade week.  It rubs off on you, and you quickly get absorbed into the mild-mannered nature of this rally.  The organization of the event is superb, built upon twenty-plus years of experience in giving this crowd exactly what it wants.  There's a variety of activities to keep any cyclist amused, entertained and engaged.  There is enough visual stimulation to keep every attendee engrossed like a child in a toy department two weeks before Christmas.  Between organized rides on some of the Eastern US's nicest riding roads, seminars by motorcycling professionals on a variety of topics, shows, drill-team competitions, free rides on manufacturers' demonstrator cycles, opportunities to show off your own cycle, trailer, sidecar, trike, special lighting, license plate or stuffed animals in judged competition, excellent dining, the ability to buy anything and everything motorcycle-related in one place, dinner-cruises on Lake George, thousands of dollars in door prizes, fireworks, a parade... well, there's just too much to describe here.  Suffice it to say that a week isn't enough time to enjoy all Americade has to offer.  The program varies slightly from year to year, and there's just so much to see and do that most people come back year after year because they just "can't get enough of Americade" in one week. 

Why else would you routinely find people walking the streets of Lake George, boasting that they've been to every Americade since 1983?  They'll be back next year and they're bringing new friends with them... it's why the event gets bigger and better every year.



There are different schools of thought on where to stay for an Americade vacation:

If you want to be "close to the action" you'll want to stay in town.  Many motels are within walking distance of Canada Street, the main street in Lake George Village.  Every night the streets are lined with bikes of all shapes and sizes backed up to the curb, the street is an endless motorcade of riders cruising the street to see and be seen, and the sidewalks are packed with attendees.  Some walk up and down the street checking out the machinery.  Some stay stationary and meet up with old friends or meet new friends, and let the show come to them.  In any case, Canada Street is a spectacle, and lasts until late night.

Some attendees like to be able to walk back to their motels, especially if alcohol is involved in their evening's plans. No sense getting into an accident or a DUI getting back to the motel. For them -- Lake George Village is the place, even though it can be noisier and more expensive than the outlying areas.

Many others like to participate in the madness, but want to "get away from it all" at the end of the evening, get a good night's rest, and be fresh for a full day of riding or other activity the next day. For them, getting further away from the heart of the Village is a must. The Americade accommodations pages include a map showing distances to Lake George.


For those who make their reservations after March, lodging in Lake George Village may be booked solid for Americade Week. With the Northway (I-87) nearby, one can stay up to 30 miles away, and still easily get to the Village for the activities.

Queensbury and Glens Falls are a reasonable distance to the South. Chestertown, Warrensburg, Diamond Point and Bolton Landing to the North are also within a reasonable distance. My recommendation is to go as far as Saratoga Springs or Malta to the South. Rutland, Vermont to the east is within a reasonable distance, but a bit further than I prefer, especially if staying in town late.

Understand that the secondary roads in the Adirondack area are very dark at night, and can be dangerous for those who are unfamiliar with the roads. Being in a wilderness area, there also could be wildlife to contend with. BIG wildlife such as deer and bears.

A few tips:

When trying to get reservations, understand that many of the motel owners are not year-round residents of the North Country, especially some of the smaller mom 'n pop motels. They tend to spend their winters in warmer climates, and return to get their motels ready for the new tourist season in April or May. When you call, you may get no more than an answering machine. Continue to call; eventually someone may answer.

Many motels will tell you they're already booked for Americade Week. Ask to be "wait-listed" as there are always cancellations. You may luck out and get a room that someone else has cancelled at the last minute (or before, for the more considerate).

You'll find that many Americade leave a deposit on their rooms for the following year as they check out. Those who have found exceptional accommodations, or at least lodging that suits them, plan to return to the same place the next year. Being that Americade has kept to a schedule of being held the first full week in June, it has been easy to plan ahead, and many do.



All mini-tours stage in the parking area at the Million Dollar Beach, across from the Steamship Docks at the foot of Lake George.  As you arrive from Canada Street, there will be numbered signs and Americade Staff personnel directing you to the queue for your specific tour.  Make sure you know the name of your tour and that you have your tickets with you.

There will be Americade Staff directing you to pull up close to the motorcycle in front of you.  Follow their directions.  You can park your bike and dismount, but stay close-by.  The staffers will provide you with a route map for your tour, and will place a small colored sticker on your windshield or headlight identifying you as one of the bikes on the specific tour.  Typically 50 to 60 bikes will make up a "wave" and once there is a full wave, the tour can leave.  About 15 minutes before departure, your tour leaders will call for the drivers to assemble for a driver's meeting over by the porta-johns.  Drivers will be given general instructions for the tour and which CB channel the tour guides will be speaking on for this tour.  Shortly thereafter, you will be asked to mount up and start your bike.  Once the leader starts, stay close, stay in formation, and minimize the chatter on the CB until all bikes have managed to get out onto the route.

You will leave the Beach Road parking area and take a right turn onto Westbrook Road or Route 9L.  Once you reach Route 9, there will be a police officer holding cross traffic to allow all the bikes on the mini-tour to stay together.  Most tours will begin by getting onto
I-87 (The Northway) and proceed North towards Warrensburg.  From there, each tour goes according to it's pre-destined route.

There will normally be a rest stop about halfway to the lunch stop.  Rest areas normally have restroom facilities.  Gasoline may be available nearby.  The stop will last for about 1/2 hour, so if gasoline is a concern, get gas before coming back to the rest area.  Once the tour is ready to move on, it does NOT wait for stragglers.  Keep up or be left behind.

The lunch stop will be somewhere around the halfway point.  Ample time is allowed for  relaxed dining and socializing, after which you will mount up once again and continue on your mini-tour.

A second rest stop will normally be somewhere halfway back to Lake George Village, and offers a chance to stretch one's legs.  Although you may stop at an eating establishment such as McDonalds, you will not be wanting to eat as you'll still be full from lunch.

After the rest stop, the tour will bring you back to Lake George Village where you are free to continue on your way.  If you decide to explore a different route back or make alternative plans, please let your tour leaders know your intentions.  The last rest stop is an excellent time to do so if you don't have a CB radio.

Don't forget to thank your tour leaders; they always appreciate the recognition they get for giving you a good tour.  And remember -- these individuals are spending their vacations to make sure you enjoy your Americade experience.

General rules for mini-tour riders and passengers, as printed on route sheets:

1.     ARRIVE with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder.

2.     DEPARTURE and rest stop times must be adhered to.  Please be ready to leave on time with your group.

3.     RIDE in staggered formation with "two-second" spacing between you and the bike in front of you.

4.     NO passing or weaving - have consideration for the safety of others.

5.     IF leaving the group, check out with your leader.

6.     If someone drops out of formation, please don't stop.  The main group will not stop for breakdowns.

7.     OBEY all traffic laws.  You are totally responsible for your actions while on tour.  NO alcohol allowed!!

8.     LEFT HAND UP FOR SAFETY - If you come across a hazardous condition, raise your left hand above your head briefly to warn those behind.  If you see this signal, pass it along.

9.     A DRIVER'S MEETING will be held just before departure.  Please attend promptly.  Departure follows.

10.                        YOUR GROUP LEADER will signal with index finger up to direct "single-file" formation.

11.                        NEW YORK STATE LAWS - Headlight on, STOP for school buses with flashing red lights.

12.                        DRIVE SAFELY AND HAVE A GREAT RIDE!