Dale and Candy's Nova Scotia 2013 Trip!!!   Day 1

Saturday July 13





 Day 1  367 miles

Things to see along the way!

World's Largest Rubber Stamp

Willard Park (Cleveland park)

Claes Oldenburg's Free Stamp sits in Willard Park, with Cleveland City Hall in the background

Dolly Dimples
The giant girl statue in Silver Creek, NY, is named "Dolly Dimples". I grew up there and saw that statue my whole life. Just thought you would like to know her name. She has been there for the 30 years I've been in the area. I think she came from a drive in restaurant down the road. It used to be called Pat's Drive Inn, but that was before my time. The business that has her now is Valvo's candy. They make candy and concrete and composite statues. They have the best sponge candy in the world!

Sponge Candy – Silver Creek, NY

Sponge Candy Store - Silver Creek, NY

Valvo's Candy Store - Silver Creek, NY

If there was one thing that I didn’t see at Valvo’s, it was a silver creek…But it was an interesting one hour ride anyway. If you have the time, take a ride down the NYS Thruway to Exit #58, turn west on Route 5 and drive a short distance and Valvo’s Candy Store will be on the left. You can’t miss it – just look for the very large (and tall…) concrete-ian – no, not a Martian, a concrete-ian. Dolly is the tall, strong and silent type – you can’t miss her!

Dolly Dimples Wants To Meet You!

Dolly Dimples Loves Me!

Too bad there was a Lake Erie “breeze” blowing that day – otherwise I might have found this place by following the sweet aroma of milk chocolate Sponge Candy.No, it isn’t just Dolly Dimples – or those concrete lawn gnomes, animals and other creature shapes standing around the parking lot that attracts customers.This place has been here almost forever – actually since 1919 if you believe what is on their label. Hey – call me Old School, but when you walk into their store you are confronted with an eclectic collection of religious statuary standing tall on the glass display cases. Now that might cause you to hesitate a little bit, especially if you have not been to church for a confession.The chocolate products are way over the top and they offer a large selection of chocolate candies. Some items on display may be “bulk packed” – you could definitely hang around the store for a while and not get bored.As they say:“…something for everybody…”

Bags of Sponge Candy

Sponge Candy In A Bag Anyone?

Valvo’s Sponge Candy is available in a two pound poly bag priced to save you a few bucks – but if you are in the gift giving mood, then you have to go with a standard one pound box of milk chocolate sponge candy. A box of candy is much easier to wrap when you need to slip a treat under your Significant Other’s bedroom pillow during your pre-Easter nocturnal adventures!

They have a selection of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and orange flavored milk chocolate sponge candy.In my opinion, they charge a price “slightly” above the competition – a one pound box cost me $17 plus the Erie County sales tax – total cost of $18.50 out of pocket.I whipped out my credit card – I just can’t say no to Sponge Candy.Easter weekend is almost here.As someone who needed a lot of dental work once told me:“…you really can’t put a price on sponge candy from Western New York..”

My conclusion? Valvo’s Candy Store is a little out of the way compared to the

Sponge Candy Time

It's Sponge Candy Time !

majority of retail stores in (or around) the City of Buffalo, NY – but it’s a fun ride to Silver Creek – especially when it’s not snowing or if the NYS Thruway is NOT closed.But if (not when…) they decide to c lose the Thruway again – you might want to toss a few sponge candy pieces into your glove box just in case.Other drivers might prefer a space blanket in the trunk or a flashlight under their seat – but for me, the best way to spend a night stranded inside your vehicle in a Buffalo winter while you wait for the “boys with the plows” is to turn on the radio, turn off that damn cell phone, reach into the glove box and enjoy your emergency stash of Buffalo Sponge Candy.When it’s all gone, THEN you can turn on your cell phone and call for help!