Dale and Candy's Nova Scotia 2013 Trip!!! Day 12

Wednesday July 24



Travel  366 mile today


The Town of Shediac - Scenic Cottage and Tourism Town - Home to Some of the best beaches in Eastern Canada, And The Lobster Capital of the World

Shediac, New Brunswick, Home of the worlds largest lobsterWhile many of us look to the south to find beautiful beaches with dunes, warm waters and clean, beautiful water over 400, 000 people per year visit Shediac and it’s surrounding area to visit Atlantic Canada’s own piece of paradise.

Known as the Lobster Capital of the World and also home of the World’s Largest Lobster, Shediac is one of New Brunswick’s most beautiful communities. With a cozy, vibrant community of approximately 5500 people, Shediac is one of the more open and welcoming destinations.

Within only a few short miles of downtown Shediac people are able to visit one of several beaches, ranging from the popular Parlee Beach to the less visited, but equally beautiful destinations such as Aboiteau Park or Sandy Beach. Walking along the boardwalk and looking out at the water over the dunes almost seems like looking back in time, as you gaze upon the distant shapes of Shediac Island and Skull Island in Shediac Bay.