Wingding 2014 Day02

Wednesday July 2




256 Miles

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum


Welcome to Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum

Traveling Tinkers: The European Expedition
January 18-April 13

Robert Tinker spent a nine month journey touring the European continent, visiting one wonderful place after another. Throughout his travel, Robert kept a diary chronicling every event with vivid accounts of the different places he saw, the buildings, landscapes, and the people he met. At each of his destinations, he would sketch an image as a keepsake for the mystical places that he saw and a reminder of where he had been.

With the help of his dairy and his amazingly detailed sketches, you will take the same journey as Robert and hear about the places through his own pen as you see how places have changed or remained the same in over 150 years. 

Guided Tours are required for entrance into the museum: 
1:00pm AND 3:00pm

January 23
Christina Johnson 
"Underneath it All: A brief discussion of Victorian foundational garments"



Schedule and Admission 

Guided tours are required for entrance into the museum. 
General Admission Tours are Tuesday-Sunday at 1pm and 3pm.

General Admission

Adult                                  $7.00
Senior (65+)      
Children (6-17yrs) 
Children 5 and under  Free

Museum Members      Free